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Feel-good, five-star care for your teeth — that’s what we’re all about


Get ready for routine dental care that you look forward to. It’s a Chicago dental cleaning, but not as you know it — quick, refreshing, and all about your oral health and happiness.


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Backed by state-of-the-art technology and techniques

From state-of-the-art Velscope for oral cancer screening and laser technology to 3D imaging and pain-free injections, we invest in the latest equipment to give you better care, experience, and results.

We’re your partner in maintaining healthy teeth and gums

Routine dental care, including regular cleanings and exams, is crucial for maintaining overall oral health. These visits are an opportunity to detect and address issues early on. Catching problems like cavities, gum disease, or even oral cancer at an early stage can save time and money, and prevent more serious health issues.

Expertise meets compassion

Our hygienists are the best of the best — focused on making your cleaning comfortable and stress-free. Our dentists have years of experience and provide transparent diagnoses. You’ll never feel pressured into a procedure and will have all the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.


Hear from our patients

Answers to your most common questions about cleanings and exams

  • How often should I get a dental cleaning and exam?

    We recommend that most patients visit us every six months, but that can vary based on your individual oral health needs.

  • What happens during a routine dental cleaning and exam?

    The visit includes plaque and tartar removal, teeth polishing, and an exam that checks for any oral health issues.

  • Can dental cleanings help with bad breath and gum bleeding?

    Yes, regular cleanings can significantly reduce bad breath and are effective in treating gum issues like bleeding and gingivitis.

  • Will the exam detect oral cancer or other serious conditions?

    Our exams include oral cancer screening using Velscope technology, enhancing our ability to detect any serious conditions early.

A feel-good, confidence-boosting treat for your pearly whites

We make even the most routine visit to the dentist something to look forward to. Sit back and relax in a comfortable and personalized atmosphere, complete with special touches like massage chairs and noise-canceling headphones. Expect the very best care, every time.

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